About Nala Loans

Nala Lending Investors Corporation is a private lending company that aims to provide Filipinos financial freedom by offering loans with low interest rates and flexible payment schedules that are tailored fit to the needs and within the paying capacity of the borrower.

Who we are

Since 2017, Nala has been supporting hundreds of Filipinos across the globe, specifically those who work abroad or the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) through provision of loans and advanced remittances with low interest rates. These Filipinos include those who aspire to work abroad and need financial assistance for the contract and onboarding process, those who need assistance to pay for visa, travel tickets and initial living, and even those who need emergency funds to sustain the demands of their dependents.

We are well-aware that financial freedom is still a luxury that many can not afford. Thus, we exist to help Filipinos meet their financial needs with flexible payment schedules and without the need to impose high interest rates.

We denounce those loan providers who take advantage of the vulnerability of Filipinos by imposing high interest rates on their loans. High interest rates prevent Filipinos from further achieving financial stability. This is what we want to address, thus, we rescue those who have been victimized by loan sharks.

We hope that through our services, we empower and inspire Filipinos to build a desirable future for themselves and for their families.

Moving forward, we envision our company to take a direction that is going to be more adaptive to the needs and demands of the modern times.

We are keen on utilizing the power of technology for us to serve our clients better and adapt to their digital lifestyle.

This is just the beginning of Nala’s commitment and dedication to Filipinos. We are hoping to build genuine and lasting relationships with them as they reach milestones and achieve success in life.

Our Vision

To be a globally competitive financial technology company that enables sustainable life for Filipinos by providing loans with reasonable and equitable rates to achieve financial freedom.

Our Mission

To offer financial assistance for Filipinos through various loans like Car Loans,  Title Loans, and OFW Loans, to help them ease their financial struggle and meet their needs for themselves and for their family.

Core Values

Our core values serve as our guiding force on providing the best service for our clients and as our manifesto when we make important decisions for the benefit of our own stakeholders.

  • Simplicity - by making sure that every transaction is easy and hassle-free and to make our financial assistance accessible to many.
  • Commitment - to having the dedication to provide the best financial solutions for Filipinos who are experiencing financial struggles. We also commit our passionate service to help meet our client’s needs.
  • Relationship - that is rooted from trust, mutual respect with and loyalty to our clients. We genuinely want to take part in their journey as they reach for their dreams and success.
  • Mutual Benefit - for our company to continue providing financial services and for our clients to help them ease their financial struggles.

Why choose NALA?

The benefits of getting a loan with Nala


Trusted by Filipinos

Value for your Money

A surprisingly low-cost option that works and with great results


We are a team with 20 years of combined experience.

Fund your overseas trip, your child's future, or your business

with NALA loans

Fund your overseas trip, your child's future, or your business

with NALA loans